Charles R. Justiz, Ph.D.

Dr. Charles Justiz


Managing Director/Corporate Aviation Charles R. Justiz, Ph.D. is a compliance and risk management consultant to senior management and directors of Fortune 100 companies and their flight departments. Dr. Justiz follows and researches relevant news and reports regarding ignored warnings that lead to bad business outcomes, along with the social psychology theories that explain why these warnings were ignored.

Dr. Justiz is a US Air Force Academy graduate, former USAF officer, and retired from NASA where he was Chief of Aviation Safety and rated as both an instructor pilot and an examiner pilot in the Astronaut T-38, the Shuttle Training Aircraft (with more than 25 years of experience and 15,000+ Shuttle approaches), the C-9 and in the 747 Shuttle Carrier. A first generation Cuban-American, Justiz holds a PhD in Engineering. He is also the author of the award-winning sci-fi thriller Specific Impulse.